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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: The Briefcase Cup – GRAND FINAL!

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TONIGHT – It all comes to a head. From a field of 32 brazen wrasslin’ ripoffs, we’ve whittled away all but two. Who is the fiercest fraud? The most sensational stand-in? THE DEADLIEST DOPPELGANGER? We’re going to answer these questions the only way we know how: by putting two goliaths in a wrestling ring, surrounding it with barbed wire and explosives, and letting nature take its course! Borgart. Boggy. It’s the GRAND FINAL of the Briefcase Cup!



  • Nickname: The Mad Express
  • FPWR Profile: “Tramples rivals like a runaway train.”
  • Billed Height/Weight: 6’3″/331 lbs.
  • A/K/A: Giant Bernard, Prince Albert, Albert, A-Train, Tensai
  • Victims: Mascara Eagle 2Giant Rozhmov, Blood Love, Steel James

As we discussed back in Match 2, professional wrestler Matt Bloom has mangled his opponents under many different monikers. He began his career in the WWE as “Prince Albert,” the bodyguard and “personal piercer” of Darren Drozdov. Later, that was shortened to just “Albert,” and “Albert” gave-way to “A-Train.” Most recently, he bulldozed his way through the WWE as Lord Tensai.

Briefcase Cup Match 17 - Giant Rozhmov v. Gigant  Borgart Screenshot 2015-04-07 20-23-17

All of these personas, though, pale in comparison to Bloom’s run as Giant Bernard. As Giant Bernard, Bloom cast a menacing shadow over Japanese wrestling. He captured the New Japan Cup in 2006. He challenged for the All Japan Triple Crown Championship and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. That’s just the very tip of the iceberg, folks – he collected no small number of tag belts and other accolades. In the Briefcase Cup, Bernard’s stand-in, Gigant Borgart, has been no frills and all kills, demolishing FPWR‘s versions of Alberto Del Rio, André the Giant, Bret Hart, and Steve Williams. He’s ruthlessly cut down giants, technicians, and luchadors alike. The pain train does not discriminate!


So, while you may think Borgart has exceeded expectations, you’d be dead wrong: he was a smart bet right from the jump. We cannot state firmly enough that this man was, and is, BIG IN JAPAN. The “Mad Express” finally pulls into the station tonight. Will it depart with the Briefcase Cup (not to mention the trip to space camp and Applebee’s gift card that comes with it)?


  • Nickname: Dr. Nuke
  • FPWR Profile: “His deadly power is atomic.”
  • Billed Height/Weight: 6’4″/298 lbs.
  • A/K/A: Terry Gordy
  • Victims: Kerry TexanCrazy Rose, Sumo, Great Shiba

GordyCroppedNo matter how this shakes out, we here at Subspace Briefcase will be eternally grateful to Kerry Boggy for removing the scourge of Giant Shiba/The Great Khali from the Briefcase Cup. There were a few brief seconds there where we thought the “Punjabi Playboy” might win this whole thing. Without being too smarky, let’s just say that would have jeopardized our street cred.

Briefcase Cup Semifinal 2 - Great Shiba v. Kerry Boggy Screenshot 2015-04-07 20-26-52

Kerry Boggy is FPWR‘s Terry Gordy, who we first met back in Match 16. Starting his career at age 14, Terry rose to prominence as a member The Fabulous Freebirds, one of the greatest tag teams of the 80’s, if not all time. Terry would later take his talents to All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he became a seven-time tag team champion and captured the Triple Crown Championship. In All Japan, Gordy became one of the most revered and decorated gaijins to set foot in a Japanese ring. At one time, he was, perhaps, one of the BIGGEST IN JAPAN.


Gordy formed one half of The Miracle Violence Connection with “Doctor Death” Steve Williams. As the name implies, they were a force to be reckoned with, winning the World’s Strongest Tag Determination League twice. In defeating Steel James, Borgart robbed the duo of a guaranteed win. That just can’t sit well with our favorite Freebird.

Tragically, Terry passed away in 2001. But his memory lives on in the Briefcase Cup! As we’ve stated before, Terry Gordy (and by association, Kerry Boggy), was a real American shitkicker. This man entered the ring to Lynyrd Skinner and Kiss. He found it funny when people shot at him. He cut promos about belching and stomping. He LOVED HIS VAN! They just don’t make ’em like this anymore folks, and that’s a DAMN shame.



Truly a final befitting these brutal behemoths! With the fatigue of four rounds of combat setting in, Borgart and Boggy battled for only seven minutes – but not a second came easy. Boggy put up an effort worthy of his real world counterpart, but a series of Argentine leglocks took his wheels out from underneath him. From there, Borgart nailed Boggy with his own finisher – the Wild Bomb – three times! A Neck Hanging Bomb sealed Boggy’s fate at 6:57. And even then he kicked out a millisecond later!


Briefcase Cup - Raw Footage Screenshot 2015-04-07 17-36-16And thus concludes our epic ring opera. We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. If nothing else, we had a few laughs, and learned about some legendary pro wrestlers in the process.

Let us know what you thought! Find us on Twitter at @subspacebc! Shoot us a line on Facebook! All criticisms, comments, and complaints are welcome. It’d be nice to know that we didn’t sacrifice our sanity to Papaya Tokuma for nothing!

For now, there’s no next time… BUT THE BRIEFCASE CUP WILL RETURN!

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: The Briefcase Cup – The Quarterfinals Begin!

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TONIGHT – The bios are done, and all that’s left is BLOODSHED! We proudly present to you a double dose of DEATH and DESTRUCTION as we inch ever closer to the finals!




  • Nickname: The Mad Express
  • FPWR Profile: “Tramples rivals like a runaway train.”
  • Billed Height/Weight: 6’3″/331 lbs.
  • A/K/A: Giant Bernard, Prince Albert, Albert, A-Train, Tensai
  • Victims: Mascara Eagle 2Giant Rozhmov

AlbertGigant Borgart, former body piercing enthusiast and hip hop hippo, has made quite an impression in the Briefcase Cup. There’s no question that this international superstar was BIG IN JAPAN. Don’t believe us? Just look at his list of victims: he convincingly defeated FPWR‘s unlicensed versions of Alberto Del Rio and André the Giant. The “Mad Express” has no intention of stopping tonight: it’s scheduled to run straight through to the semis.



  • Nickname: Blood Venom
  • FPWR Profile: “Hero of Canada.”
  • Billed Height/Weight: 6’/243 lbs.
  • A/K/A: “The Excellence of Execution” Bret Hart
  • Victims: Smasher GigasBritish Azteca

IBret Hartf anybody can derail Borgart’s train, it’s Blood Love. A former WWF and WCW champion, he’s often referred to as “the best there ever will be.” A mat wrestling genius, he should have more than enough scientifc skill to match against Borgart’s brawn. While he’s giving up nearly 90 pounds to his opponent, Blood has no problem felling giants: he excellently executed the much larger Smasher Gigas in Round 1. We should have a real pier 2 brawl on our hands here, folks!


This was just like the director’s cut of David and Goliath. The one where the sling breaks, Goliath throws David into the barbed wire landmines, and we learn no moral lessons whatsoever. Gigant Borgart becomes a legit legend killer as he delivers a biblical beatdown to Blood Love with a Hawaiian Smasher (which looks a lot like an F5) at 13:02!




  • Nickname: Dr. Cruelty
  • FPWR Profile: “He’s the most feared rival in the States.”
  • Billed Height/Weight: 6’2″/271 lbs.
  • A/K/A: “Dr. Death” Steve Williams
  • Victims: Andy SpiralsDeucy James

DrDeathAt this point, we’re pretty sure this man is not a doctor. In fact, he brutally murdered his last two patients, FPWR‘s cut rate versions of AJ Styles and Petey Williams. If he takes out one more cruiserweight, he might classify as a serial killer. I guess that’s to be expected from a man that was part of a team called the Miracle Violence Connection. Nurse, we need 50ccs of MAYHEM. STAT.



  • Nickname: Mad Bomber
  • FPWR Profile: “Overwhelms opponents with his small body.”
  • Billed Height/Weight: 5’10″/231 lbs.
  • A/K/A: The Dynamite Kid
  • Victims: Curry MaskJorsh Hornet

DynamiteKidIt doesn’t matter if you’re an MMA legend or a… uhh… curry person, Dynamic Kid brings the explosive offense all the same. Dynamic packs a lot of energy into that compact frame of his, and matches up well with just about any opponent. He’s already wrestled a five-star classic against Curry Mask/Curry Man and defeated Jorsh Hornet/Josh Barnett in a brutal slugfest. Whatever tools Dr. Cruelty brings to the operating table tonight, Dynamic has shown us that he’s ready to respond in kind.


Call the FBI. We’ve got a maniac in a red singlet systematically targeting white males under 235 pounds. Steel James takes a beating (and a headbutt to the pills), but buries Dynamic Kid at 11:06 with an avalanche hold.

NEXT TIME: We finish the quarterfinals!

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: The Briefcase Cup – Match 17


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The pleasantries are over.  We’ve met our murderers row of combatants, and now it’s time for us to get down to business. In case you were wondering, Subspace Briefcase is registered as a Subchapter S corporation with a primary business purpose of “brutality.” You’d better believe that business is booming.

Before we get down to said business, we need to discuss how FPWR handles the concept of cumulative damage in tournaments. The instruction manual unequivocally states that “fatigue and damage is carried over to the next round.” Despite this, a great many of FPWR‘s fans disagree with this contention, believing that wrestlers start each round fresh. It’s difficult to find a consensus. Regardless, we’re going to assume that damage DOES carry forward; it just makes for a more interesting narrative.

Enough prattle. VIOLENCE GET!


Briefcase Cup Match 1 - Giant Rozhmov v. Abdullah Danger Screenshot 2015-03-07 14-34-55

AndreLadiesGiant Rozhmov, our favorite André the Giant knockoff, put on quite the impressive performance in round 1. In just 11 minutes and 31 seconds, he dispatched the wrestler with either the most accurate or politically incorrect nickname of all time, Abdullah “The Arab” Danger, with a Canadian backbreaker. He even survived being stabbed with a fork. Rozhmov is a beast, and an incredible threat to all of our competitors. But the real question that we have to ask ourselves? HAS HE BEEN DRINKING?

If Rozhmov is anything like André, we can only assume that he’s had at least 100 beers and several bottles of blended whiskey before this match. Is he in any shape for a second match?


Briefcase Cup Match 2 - Gigant Borgart v. Mascara Eagle 2 Screenshot 2015-03-07 14-57-52

Giant_BernardAs we’ve discussed at length, Gigant Borgart is a stand in for Matt Bloom; the wrestler formerly known as Prince Albert, Albert, A-Train, Giant Bernard, and Tensai. He’s currently known as NXT commentator, Jason Albert, but I am genuinely curious as to what he puts on his tax returns. Borgart mopped the floor with Mascara Eagle 2 in the first round, polishing him off with a good ol’ fashioned kick to the face in a mere 7 minutes and 25 seconds. I know it’s hard to believe, but Mascara Eagle 2 barely laid a finger on Borgart. Must have been tough to look Mascara Eagle 1 in the eye after that. In any event, we have to assume that Borgart is the fresher man in this match.

We mentioned previously that Bloom was BIG IN JAPAN. This may come as a surprise to American fans, but trust us, dear reader: he was MASSIVE. As further evidence of his Japanese largeness, I present to you his match against current WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar:

While he came up short in that match, to even set foot in the ring with the man they call “The Beast Incarnate” is an accomplishment in and of itself. Hell, he put on a better pefromance than John Cena did!

In case you were wondering, “gigant” isn’t just some goofy translation error. Derived from the Greek gigantes, it’s actually the word for giant in a number of languages. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Borgart, a beast in his own right, is facing off against a tired, forked, and very possibly drunk Rozhmov. They say that legends never die, but Borgart seems like he’s in a very good position to kill one tonight. Let the games begin!


BORGART DOES IT! Gigant triumphs over Giant as Rozhmov falls to the Neck Hanging Bomb at 18:08. Perhaps Rozhmov should have stopped at 50 beers. I don’t think those things have electrolytes. Borgart advances, but at what cost? His limits have been pushed, but have the been exceeded? STAY TUNED!

NEXT TIME: We’ve got a dream match as the King of Beards takes on the Excellence of Execution! It’s BRITISH AZTECA vs. BLOOD LOVE!