Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: The Briefcase Cup – Match 22

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Size mismatches are a time honored tradition in pro wrestling. Where else can we relish in the joy of watching a much smaller competitor overwhelm all odds to defeat an opponent twice his size?

And where else can we angrily shake our fists when dastardly heels take their size advantage just one step too far?

To be fair, that looked like it was more than one step too far. Probably closer to six feet.

Tonight, we’re proud to present to you a hellish height mismatch straight from HADES, as KAZUYA attempts to chop down Great Shiba!



Briefcase Cup Match 11 - G.O. Bright v. Great Shiba Screenshot 2015-03-23 18-54-43Khali2Billed height: 7’2″. Billed weight: 441 lbs. The “Super Giant,” Great Shiba, FPWR’s answer to the Great Khali, is unquestionably the largest competitor still in the Briefcase Cup. Back in Match 11, he chokeslammed Pakistani expatriate, G.O. Bright, right out of his gross body and into another plane of existence. Here’s hoping he wasn’t one of those JatismarasI’d hate to remember that for the rest of eternity. Cut us some slack here. We’re 22 matches deep. Shiba methodically squashed Bright in 11:27, and didn’t take much damage in the process. It takes a lot of gas to power a wrecking machine of this size, though. Will he have enough go power to take on….


Briefcase Cup Match 12 - Kazuya v. Bill Bullet Screenshot 2015-03-23 18-55-37


Billed height: 5’7″. Billed weight: 176 lbs. FPWR’s version of Hideo Itami/KENTA is unquestionably the superior technician in this match. KAZUYA, caps lock enthusiast and master of kicks, put on quite a brutal display in Match 12, knocking out Bill Bullet in 12:52 with his trademark “Go 2 Sleep.” Like his real life counterpart, KAZUYA has samurai spirit to spare, but he’d better have a katana blade to go with that if he wants to cut down the “Punjabi Playboy.” He got more than a little bloody in his last match, and he’s giving up hundreds of pounds and dozens of inches to this monster!


Only in the world of video game pro wrestling can a 176 pound man hoist a 441 pound man over his head repeatedly and STILL lose the match. This thing just has to be fixed. A valiant effort, but Shiba chokeslams his way to another victory at the 12:27 mark.

NEXT TIME: Fan favorite Papaya Takuma returns!

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