Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: The Briefcase Cup – Match 18

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Get ready for a magic show – we’ve got two wrestling wizards going head to head, as Canada’s Blood Love takes on… uh… America’s British Azteca! Which of these mat magicians will deliver the Power Word: Kill to his opponent? REVENGE IS IN THE AIR, AS WE GET READY FOR MATCH 18!



Briefcase Cup Match 3 - Blood Love vs. Smasher Gigas Screenshot 2015-03-09 20-45-07bret-hartWhy all the atmospheric revenge, you ask? Because Blood Love is Bret Hart, and Mightyboy Eddy is Davey Boy Smith. Them two was related, you see, as Smith was married to Bret’s sister, Diana. Blood Love’s opponent tonight, British Azteca, unceremoniously dispatched Mightyboy Eddy in the opening round. Emotions have to be running high for Mr. Love tonight. And trust me, pals, you don’t want to be around Mr. Love when emotions are running high.

…or maybe he just wanted a rematch? Bret memorably lost one of the greatest WWF Intercontinental Title matches of all time to Davey back in 1992:

How great would it have been to obtain redemption in the Briefcase Cup – the grandest second stage of them all; the Great Uncle of all wrestling events? Bret hasn’t returned any of my calls since match 4, so I can only assume he’s fuming at the lost opportunity. Either that, or he’s tired of hearing me breathe heavily into the phone while I quietly sputter obscenities in Canadian.

Oh yeah. I guess I should say something about Japan. Here’s Bret Hart beating up Akira Maeda, one of the 14,000 people who can claim to have invented modern MMA.

In any event, Blood sustained a surprisingly minimal damage in his opening bout against the fearsome Smasher Gigas. He should be good to go against…


Briefcase Cup Match 4 - British Azteca v. Mightyboy Eddy Screenshot 2015-03-09 20-46-33

DANIEL-BRYAN-imagesWe covered this in the opening round, but here’s a little primer on Fire Pro-speak: “British” means “American,” and “Azteca” means “Dragon.” British Azteca, then, is the “American Dragon,” Bryan Danielson, who now wrestles in the WWE as Daniel Bryan, perennial underdog and leader of the “Yes” movement. Azteca is representative of Bryan in 2006, so we’ll just say that he’s the vice-deputy of the “Perhaps Platoon” instead.

Regardless, he defeated Mightyboy Eddy, so he’s undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Even Bret Hart thinks so!

Hey, it even seems like the Hitman was pulling for good ol’ DB heading into his title match at Wrestlemania 30! All that aside, I think we can expect that all of the good will be thrown out the window in this match – blood is thicker than maple syrup, as they say in Hart’s native Canada.

But, uh… Japanese stuff, right: Here’s some highlights of DB’s feud with Japanese superstar KENTA:

Azteca took quite a beating in his surprisingly bloody match against Mightyboy Eddy. Will he have enough juice in his veins to counter the “Blood Venom?” PERHAPS!


Perhaps not. Blood Love takes it at 11:58 with a Jap leg roll clutch, which sounds like a maneuver invented by American GI’s stationed in Yokohama after World War II.

NEXT TIME: Deucy James takes on Steel James as Round 2 continues! Yes, those are their real names!


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