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In the Hunt

Briefly sat down with In the Hunt last night.  My Mom was right – these games would destroy my eyes. I’m terrible at shooters, but I’m pretty sure games like this are why I wear glasses now.

If I’m not mistaken, this game shares common creators with the Metal Slug franchise – it’s unquestionable that they both share a similar art style.  While the Saturn version is hampered by slowdown, it is still an extremely good looking game – I’ve posted a few screen shots and a video of one of the game’s more memorable levels below.

The Evil Within

In my spare time, I have been slowly plodding through The Evil Within on the PS4.  A lot valid of criticism has been leveled at the game’s performance and artistic design (those black bars are pretty rough) – but I’m happy to report that it really picks up about 5-6 hours in:

If you’ve got time to slog through the early goings, I strongly suggest giving this one a shot. The Evil Within essentially becomes more and more like  Resident Evil 4-2 the longer at goes on – and that is a good thing.  I’ll post more impressions once I’ve finished.